Hello there! Claire here (Sahara is my middle name). I am an illustrator living with my little family in Duluth, Minnesota—a place filled with trails, winter, good people, and the ever-astounding Lady Superior.

Although I’ve been “doing art” for as long as I can remember, I’ve come to find more recently that I feel most myself in the whimsical world of illustration. My work comes out of the sensing/observing/nostalgic person that I am. It celebrates the simple, the meaningful, the familiar. Once in a while I’ll add in some cheek.

I love to draw ladies (#fancyladyfriday is my playful project) and to play with new ideas. Mostly, I want my art to make people feel like their lives hold beauty and meaning, because, well they do!

If I could have any superpower, it would be to become invisible so I could go into people’s homes and watch them eat breakfast. My favorite indoor place in the world is the local CoOp grocery—on sad days I go in there and hang out with the vegetables. My favorite outdoor place in the world is the BWCA—I go there to be the most human I know how to feel.

Welcome, hello, cheers, and I hope you find something that reminds you of life and beauty here!